Our response to the COVID-19 global pandemic

Portland, Oregon, September 16, 2020.

Rob Miller, CEO and President

Like most companies around the world, the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected Trailblazer Foods. We have had to rewrite our playbook and rethink how we work day-to-day. In the early stages of the pandemic and before the stay at home orders and the workplace restrictions, we decided to start strategizing on how our business, and more importantly, our people would be affected. Our HR department spent time researching the data available and listening to health experts to find the appropriate responses. As a food production company, having our products remain available for consumers was essential.

As the crisis accelerated and restrictions became widespread, we reduced the number of visitors allowed in the office and transitioned some employees to telecommunication to reduce the amount of contact we have with each other. We instituted new policies including mandatory masks and social distancing. We also implemented a heightened sanitation process, cleaning doorknobs and work surfaces at regular intervals throughout the day. Communication became more important than ever before. Consistent discussions around safety measures and our incredible coworkers taking a more active role in protecting themselves became second nature. We formed a COVID response team that meets regularly to ensure we find any gaps and reminds the teams to adhere to safety protocols. All these policies remain in effect today.

While there are still many things that remain uncertain with this virus, we continue to provide our partners and consumers with the quality and service they expect. It is not time to let up on restrictions or added safety measures to protect our staff and our customers. We will be steadfast in maintaining the highest-level safety with the guidance of health experts and local leaders. Every day brings new challenges amid the pandemic, but we are determined to come out of this stronger and more ready for any challenge that might face us in the future.

Trailblazer Foods would like to thank all our employees for adapting and rising to the challenge. We also thank the countless healthcare providers working on the front-line trying to bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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